"I tried not to hold the words, so that I could search them around the body, to have them nearby, on, around; I tried to walk beside them, to take their hand, I closed my eyes and, without weight,  I slept with them."


"We are Fortinbras, son, foreigner, alien and survivor, and we come on the stage when all the rest is silence, asking: Where is this sight?"

METAMORPHOSES (of mutated forms in new bodies)

"I think of Ovid's Metamorphoses as a valuable vocabulary made of images. I want to try to interpret theatrically the language, the structure and its episodes. I want to try the opportunity not to stage these Myths, but "to translate", in the common etymology of betraying and tradition, what some Myths seem to cherish for the contemporary."


"I want to imagine all the imagination I can to move from Pirandello's words to a limit I don’t know.  If the limits of my language are the limits of my world, and if I want to go just  a little bit over them, or at least try to, then it’s from those limits I have to start."


"The Ubu are alterations and skills at the same time. From their appearance on stage you can establish a point of no return. And then also of belonging, or new departure.

As we struggled to bring Theater back to life and reassemble all the nuances of the velvets of bourgeois Theater, Jarry was able to summon us and take us back to the Theater, offering us characters and a relationship between text and stage of absolute contemporary nature. "